How to slow down electric meters-“legally”

How to slow down electric meters-“legally”

If your home or business gets hit by a large electrical surge or lightning strike and your computer, large screen tv, refrigerator, freezer washer, dryer and other electrical units get damaged, who pays the bill?

Your insurance policy and for how much?

You had better look at your policy, you may be surprised.

We have a solution for this problem, that will pay for itself costing you nothing for a whole home protection unit that can not only stop the surges and a lightning strike from damaging these items but also giving you a free $25,000.00 insurance policy to cover any damage should they get by this unit. If the unit was damaged, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The unit has a 10 year limited warranty and expects a 20 year life span. Depending on the size and amount of electrical items in the house there is an anticipated savings between 12% to 25% or more of your electric bill per month.

Say “yes” to only two or more of the following then you would be saving a significant amount of money on your electric bill immediately which would mean that in just a short while the unit would pay for itself thereby costing you nothing.

  • Is your HVAC system 3 years or older?
    * Do you have more than one HVAC system?
    * Do you have a pool?
    * Do you have a well?
    * Do you use an air conditioner?
    * Is your refrigerator/freezer not Energy Star rated?
    * Is your dishwasher not Energy Star rated?
    * Do you have more than one refrigerator/freezer?
    * Is your washer/dryer not Energy Star rated?
    * Do you have a hot tub or Jacuzzi?
    * Do you have a computer/ printer?
    * Do you have a number of appliances in your home?

With Energy usage on the rise, and the number of electronics in the home increasing rapidly, now is the time to start conserving energy and protecting these investments with a clean power system. This unit provides a cost-effective, single-installation way to protect the entire home from electrical surges and spikes while conditioning incoming electricity to optimize power factor and reduce static-causing line noise.

Typical residential and light commercial power sources allow hundreds of spikes and surges each day to reach valuable electronic equipment in the home. While these voltage spikes come from many sources (power fluctuations, lightning, static electricity, etc), all can cause damage to televisions, stereos, computers, security systems and other costly electronics.

This unit helps to moderate these surges and spikes with a kind of electrical ‘relief valve’ system, diverting them to the neutral/ground line. In the event of a surge or spike which enters the home through the main line, the unit is designed to cut off the flow of electricity and block the surge.

A study of homes here in the United States have shown that the “dirty” electricity coming into our houses only use between 70 to75% efficiently but we are paying 100%. this unit works to improve power factor, up to .97% or .98%, helping motorized appliances like air conditioners, spikes, refrigerators, washers and dryers, furnace blowers, computers, printers, etc. to operate more efficiently in addition to protection from surges and spikes.

Finally, there’s electrical line ‘noise’ produced by operating electronic devices that can cause static on home radio receivers, ‘hum’ in fluorescent lamps and ‘snow’ on the television. All this noise in a home’s electrical system can damage switching power supplies, causing premature failure.

By reducing line noise and trash current in the home, this unit helps to prolong the life of appliances and electronics


  • The unit will pay for itself by reducing power consumption thereby
    costing nothing
    • Conditions incoming residential power to improve efficiency which will
    extend the life of your electrical equipment.
    • Protects against electrical surges and spikes
    • Reduces the electrical line noise that causes static on televisions and
    radios which also damages other consumer electronics
    • Installs* easily with immediate benefits
    • Maintenance free
    • An environmentally friendly product that helps protect the earth

                      Product  Features

  1. The unit installs in or on any residential breaker box for immediate benefits and protection for the entire home electrical system.
  2. • Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge and spike protection
  3. • Residential power factor correction up to .97 or .98
  4. • Electrical line noise reduction
  5. • Circuit breaker installation* (do not connect to a fuse-type electrical box)
  6. • No maintenance required after installation
  7. • Limited 10 year, $25,000 warranty (terms and conditions apply) *

*The unit must be installed by a licensed qualified electrical contractor.

God bless and stay healthy out there my friends.

For more information, questions or ordering please do not hesitate to contact me:

Phil Malkovich


Phone 1-865-771-1653

P.S. Please note that you can try out these units for 30 days or get all your money back (except return shipping) and can be sent to most countries.

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