High Tech Laundry System Add On  

High Tech Laundry System Add On     

Clothes washing warning !!!

What unwanted chemicals are leaching through your skin, your baby, children or other loved ones bodies from washing your clothes in detergents, bleach, etc.?

          Laundry Soaps, Bleach, etc !!

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin has the ability to absorb the chemicals it comes into contact with and can contribute to the allergic symptoms of sensitive individuals. something most people should prefer to stay away from.

Laundry detergents, bleaches and fabric sorters contain chemical surfactants and fragrances which bring a number of issues to our health. The rinse cycle and dryer does not get all of these products out of your clothes so the clothes that you and your loved ones are wearing contain residuals of these chemicals.

The web site www.eczema.ms states detergent residue can either irritate or cause eczema, while studies have shown it to be a cause of allergic contact dermatitis.

Residue from detergent use tends to make fabric appear faded and cause stiffening when dried, prompting some appliance manufacturers to recommend washing clothing in hot water and vinegar as a remedy.

If you leave your washed laundry stay in the washing machine for a day or more , you will have a bad odor from them. The odor is bacteria showing that the detergent and chemicals did not remove all of the bacteria..

But there is a better, smarter, safer way to do laundry, and it is based on earth-friendly science and technology.

In this high tech unit you could leave your clothes in the machine for a week and there would not be an odor because all of the bacteria was removed.

This unit, designed and made in America, eliminates the need for hot water, detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches and it is easily installed above both standard and high efficiency washers.

The technology in this unit infuses incoming cold water with cleansing oxidizers that circulates through the wash. within  just a few minutes, leaving only water and dirt from clothing to continue on into the waste system.

Space Certified Technology

The unit uses a variation of the technology originally developed for  use in the International Space Station and is recognized as a Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation.

The Astronauts use a laundry system that was developed in conjunction with the Space Foundation and is used by them in the space lab to allow them to have cleaner, whiter and germ free clothing by using only cold water without using detergents, or bleach.

They also can wash colored and white clothes together without the discoloration of the white clothes and the water can be used over and over again.

The cost savings of the energy to heat our water for washing (which is the highest use) coupled with the savings of not having to buy detergents or bleach and protecting the environment would be tremendous.

A unit has been developed using this proven technology for residential use.

                  Benefits of this unit

  • Helps eliminate allergic reactions due to detergent  residue (no more itching!!)
  • Eliminate the need for detergents and fabric softener
  • Prevents the growth of odors without bleach or hot water
  • Keeps colors bright and whites white
  • Gets towels softer and fluffier and helps clothes last longer
  • Maintenance-free model with fail-safe leak protection
  • Designed and built in the USA for reliability and durability
  • Available for both front load and top load washers
  • Save money and protect the environment with
  • 3 year warranty

Just think of how much better off our planet would be if we did not expel phosphates, bleach etc. from our washing machines nor have to heat hot water which is approx. 40% of your energy bill.

For a number of testimonials  email request to phil@phil-m.net

God bless and stay healthy out there my friends.

For more information, questions or ordering please do not hesitate to contact me:

Phil Malkovich

Email:  admin@bestnewoffer.com 

Phone 1-865-771-1653

P.S. Please note that you can try out these units for 30 days or get all your money back (except return shipping) and can be sent to most countries.

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